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Rooted in 1998, established in 2021

About Us

Hightalian Italian flag.

Rooted in Sicily, grown in Michigan.

Born in Partinico, Italy, two brothers were raised in a farming family. Learning old-world traditional farming practices that included hand care for the plants. Their grandfather believed that the pollution from the machinery that farms use hurt the plants, thus he never used any machinery. We take pride in doing the same here at HighTalian.

Hightalian cannabis plant.Hightalian cannabis farm.

The Farm

Our farm started with a vision from two brothers and was complemented by Michigan-born and raised cannabis farmers. Together we have created a simply authentic farm that was rooted in Sicily and grown in Michigan!

Our Team

Hightalian team Davide Uccello.

Davide Uccello

Hightalian team Dan Uccello.

Dan Uccello

Hightalian team David Rayman.

David Rayman

General Manager
Hightalian team Tom Greiner

Tim greiner

Head Grower